About Jason Silvestri

"The Top 3 that make up me"

I went to over three dozen people, with a list of thirty-three things about me, from people who like me, to people who don’t, from friends and family to talent acquisition specialists and former employers, and asked, “please, choose the top three things that best represent me.” What I got back pleased me more than you can possibly imagine.

What are those three you ask me?

My Word Is Everything... My word means absolutely everything to me, and to anyone who knows me, it means even more. Whether I am making a promise to you, or telling the truth no matter how complicated, to keeping our conversations confidential no matter the stakes or pressures, and/or if I am simply describing the kind of person I am and what I can do, I take pride in knowing many consider my word equivalent or exceeding that of Jon Snow’s. That is GOT talk for you old-school fans. It’s like, no matter the kingdom, when my word is given, it’s just known that word is good.

Extreme Dedication… Anyone, and everyone, knows that once I start a project, I am in it for the long haul. A big team player, I often add value on many levels, and truly care about the outcome of what we are doing. My efforts will often push me up ladders quickly, often into leadership roles, but I don’t always necessarily want it or compete for it. Moreover, I am comfortable in my own skin, skilled at what I preach I can do, and know I am going to do what needs to be done. I give others the limelight as often as possible because I really don’t like to play the business politics game many often enjoy.

Loyalty... I am always loyal to a company I am currently doing business with no matter their size, the dollars they give me or the product(s) and/or service(s) they require my assistance in co-cultivating. I absolutely love to create things, no matter the professional circumstance or industry sector I am performing said acts, especially on scales of grand design.

It is because of these things, whether I am on the market or not, I ask that all headhunters, from all walks of life, please respect my time with these businesses and allow us to finish our objectives.

My Role as an Actor

Yes, the rumors are true! As of September 2022, I have officially announced my pursuit in acting on the big screen with specific goals in mind, and a very small list of specific production companies I am looking to begin talks.

Will I still develop web software for clients and/or potential future employers? Absolutely. In fact, jSilvestri.com 2022 is still very much primarily targeting software development. Conversely, I will be adding much more for individuals and businesses in the film industry, looking for more specifics on my goals as an actor, and as soon as possible too. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Objective of 2022 Build

I had a purpose for this 2022 build of jSilvestri.com.

I wanted to ensure I had an overabundance of features and skillsets I could showcase, across my web & mobile versions of the application, so my visitors could get the most relevant information about me and how I can assist your project plans before we even sit down for a phone call.

I encourage all visitors to let know if there is anything more that I can provide via this application, no matter the industry sector in hand, that can better your user experience before said sit down.

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My Role as a Sr. Engineer

With more than 2 decades of experience and over 40 different web technologies, IDEs, Design Patterns, Graphic & Video Editing Designers under my belt, I develop web-based software, mobile experiences, and web applications for some of the best Startups & Fortune 500 companies in the World!

Almost all projects I work on today, including jSilvestri.com, uses the latest technology has to offer, including, HTML5, CSS, Asp.NET Core,  Blazor, MVC & Razor Pages, Ajax, Bootstrap, Entity Framework, SQL Server, jQuery, AngularJS, Web APIs, and more!

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Business Tier Skill Matrix

Some clients and/or employers see the technologies and supporting services and often wonder how much time I spend across business tiers. Although my time on tier varies with each project, my current time on each main tier is as follows (given my 2022 multi-purpose web application is my sole venture in development until my next project starts):

Some Recent Clients & Projects

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  • NHL Jason Silvestri Client Project
  • NFL Jason Silvestri Client Project
  • WWE Jason Silvestri Client Project
  • STIHL Silvestri Client Project
  • Trip Advisor Jason Silvestri Client Project


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